Visiting Guests

As a Home Office Approved Gun club we are eager to promote the world of shooting and encourage new people into a safe and well disciplined sport. However, there are strict licensing laws and regulations that we adhere to and enforce.

Please remember that becoming a member of Harlow Practical Club will entail a 6 month probationary period.  Harlow Practical Club operates an, annually reviewed, ‘invite-only’ membership policy.

CCTV is in operation for security and safety of all that use the range.

Sorry, we are at capacity and are not accepting any visitors, guests or new members.
You may 'register your interest' via the website online application form to join the waiting list,
however we are unable to give any indication to length of queue or time frame before we contact you

Arranging a visit

Visits to our club at the indoor range at Hullbridge can be arranged for potential new members, so that we can meet you and you can meet us.

If a visit is arranged please don't expect to shoot, you must become a probationary member before you are allowed to use the club gun. Geological location in relation to your home address should also be considered before applying as we are limited at the present time to numbers and we expect our members to shoot regularly.

If you would like us to consider inviting you along to our next official guest day please drop us an E Mail contact page to lodge your interest.

You will also need to visit our 'Join Club' page. This page has the Membership fees and a 'Casual Membership Enquiry form'. On receiving this completed form we will be able to instigate all of the necessary formalities to include you on our next official guest day invitation list.

No visitors/guests are permitted at the outdoor shotgun range. Only FAC holders and Option 1 HPC members are permitted to enter the site.


Harlow Practical Club Keeping fingers off trigger

Indoor Rage Hullbridge:

ALL Shooting guests must arrive promptly by 6:45pm to complete the induction & preliminaries. (6.45 to 7.00 only)
Shooting guest  - £30.00
  this includes three visits. This is the maximum number of guest visits permitted.  Safety training and assessments are carried out.  Fee is non refundable/transferable and valid within a 3 month period only.
Club Gun - typically £11 per visit
  the club gun is available for use at this additional charge.
FAC & UKPSA safety passed shooter - £10.00 per visit
a maximum of three visits as a guest are permitted.

CCTV is in operation for security and safety of all that use the range.

Non Shooting guest or visitor - FREE
Non shooting guests may be permitted to visit once by prior arrangement only.

Frequently asked Questions:

What should I wear to the club?
Wear comfortable clothing that is not your Sunday best as shooting can be grubby.  No camouflage.

What do I need to bring with me?
You will need to bring with you: Two forms of identification, for example, this can be a driving licence, passport or utility bill. (Both forms of identification must show your name and address.)

It is recommended that you bring your own ear and eye protection.
Standard ear protection (head phone type earmuff, ear plugs) and standard safety glasses are mandatory at all times whilst on range.

What Are The Basic Rules?
Visitors are expected to obey, without question, any form of instruction given to them by a full member. You must stay with a member of the club at all times. You must NOT touch any firearm or ammunition at any time unless instructed to do so. We are a friendly lot really, but I am sure you understand that in our sport safety and security is paramount.

Will there be any support to help me get started?
Yes, an abundance of it - From our qualified instructors who will give you all the training required to master safe gun handling to coaching from our friendly members.

What are the lower age limits for visiting or joining your club?
The minimum age to join or visit our club is 18 years old.

When can I visit your club?
As we are a Home Office Approved Gun Club there are only a limited number of 'guest days' available.  There are procedures we have to follow and will do so as quickly as possible, so, as soon as we receive al of your details we will start the procedure and invite you to the next available guest day. - you will need to contact us via the Contacts page.

When and what times do you shoot?
All our shoot dates are on our 'Diary' page. Please visit the diary page for the latest dates.

I'm interested in coming along with my friends for a day out / birthday celebration.
No, sorry, we do not run 'corporate' events or red letter day type of events. We only cater for people who are interested in becoming long term shooting club members.



We look forward to meeting you and making you welcome.










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