Membership Applications

Members are reminded that the club WILL report to the police any lapsed membership and non attendance.

You may download our 'official' printed Membership application form from this page
or complete an 'electronic' form to immediately start proceedings for a visitor. 
HPC Membership runs to the end of March annually & renewals are strictly by invitation only.
Membership Renewal Fees To Be Paid By 15 Mar Latest
Payment After 15 Mar Incurs £50 Re-Joining Fee

Sorry, we are at capacity and are not accepting any visitors, guests or new members.
You may 'register your interest' via the website online application form to join the waiting list,
however we are unable to give any indication to length of queue or time frame before we contact you

Harlow Practical Club

Apr 2017 – Mar 2018

Annual membership:


Full member status:  Entitlement to Indoor & Outdoor Range


Available to FAC holders and non-FAC holders - (min age 18 years)


Range Fee for indoor range (per visit)


Range Fee for outdoor range (per visit)


Pro - Rata: To join part way through the year calculate at £10 per month plus £40



Guest Shooter


Non Shooting guest or visitor


New Shooting guest -


- This includes three visits. This is the maximum number of guest visits permitted. Safety training and assessments are carried out. Fee is non refundable / transferable and valid within a 3 month period only.


Available to FAC inc Sec 1 Shotgun holders & UKPSA safety passed shooter


- This is per visit. A maximum of three visits as a guest are permitted.




There is an additional charge if Club Gun is used -  typically £11 per visit


Full member status HPC can be your ‘primary’ club on FAC


Range Information:

Indoor Range

Hullbridge - SS6


Practical -

.22 MiniRifle & .22 Long Barrelled Pistol

Mondays  6.45 pm  till  10.45 pm


Outdoor Range

Dunton – CM13


Practical -


Sundays  10.00 am  till  01.00 pm

Steel Shooting -

.22 Rifle & .22 Long Barrelled Pistol

Sundays  01.00 pm  till  03.00 pm


Outdoor Range

Meadow Ranges Runwell SS11




Various Dates

Clay Pigeon

Shotgun Sec1 & sec2

Various Dates

Practical & Other

.22 rimfire

Various Dates

Steel Shooting To Be Confirmed

Full bore at various ranges and times.

The Range Fees Above Cover HPC Diary Dates Only.





Harlow Practical Club  Casual membership enquiry
New Member/Visitor 'electronic' Application Form.
All Blue Questions MUST be answered
E Mail Address
Phone Number
Your Postal Address
IF under 21 AGE    Date of birth
Occupation / Vocation
Name & Address of Employer
Employers Telephone
Years Service
Position Held
Do you hold a firearm or shotgun certificate?
Have you ever been refused a firearm or shotgun certificate, or held one and had it revoked?
IF YES, Please give reason.
Do you know of any reason why you might be refused a firearm certificate?
IF YES, Please give reason.
Have you previously applied to join a rifle/pistol club?   If YES what Date
Are you now, or ever been a member of a rifle/pistol club?
IF YES, please give name & address of club. 
Do you know any members of the Harlow Practical Club?
IF YES, Whom?
Do you, now or in the past, suffer any illness which might constitute a safety risk, e.g. epilepsy, convulsions, mental illness, deafness?
IF YES, please give details of illness.
Give names & addresses of two references who may be contacted by the club   
By clicking 'SEND FORM' I state that:
I am not prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition by virtue of section 21 of the firearms act 1968 (as amended)
I certify that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and if my application is accepted, agree to abide by the rules & regulations of the club at all times.



HPC Membership Application/Renewal form:

Here, you can open and save or simply download our membership application form.

It can be fully filled in and saved on your computer and then printed off.
or simply print it off and fill it in using a pen!

Either way, you will need to sign it and send it with your Cheque and 2 passport size photos to your section leader

Harlow membership form PDF   




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