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Harlow Practical Club ventured into Practical Shotgun (PSG) almost by accident.

In 2012 Harlow Practical rebuilt and reinstated a 15mtr range at Basildon Rifle Pistol Club and started to organise structured practical shooting for PSG.

It was a huge success and growing in popularity and members, when for no reason Basildon Committee pulled the plug by rejecting the majority of its practical section.

There was quite a stir at Basildon Rifle Club with many long standing committee members resigning over the disgusting way that the Executive Committee operate.

We had all been treated with contempt and believe shooters should be extremely cautious at Basildon Rifle Club as we would not like to see others treated and turned over as so many of us can attest to. - the rot is still very much there!

The Old Range

Basildon Rifle Pistol Club Practical Shotgun Range

Basildon Rifle Pistol Club Practical Shotgun Range

Harlow Practical Club and its members with its core group of forward thinking shooters who wanted to continue with Practical Shotgun very quickly pulled together to establish a first rate range at Dunton.

Harlow Practical Club Shotgun Ranges at Dunton Essex

Harlow Practical Club Shotgun Ranges at Dunton Essex

Our Land Lord and the Essex Firearm Dept helped establish 'Dunton' as a Firearm range suitable for our purpose. Both were extremely helpful and keen to help us.

So without hindrance from self important jumped up self-serving committee members, such as those we encountered at Basildon Rifle & Pistol Club,  Harlow Practical Club held its debut Practical Shotgun meeting at the Dunton ranges on Sunday 18 November 2012.

Dunton Essex Firearm range
Practical Shotgun

                  The Dunton Ranges:

Set in the beautiful Essex countryside less than 2 minutes from the M25 / A127 junction it gives easy access to our members.

The site consists of tens of acres of farmland. The jewel in the crown is the area that surrounds a massive Dutch Barn which we have made our base and primary ranges. This whole area is surrounded by huge earth mounds which we use as our perfect 'backstops' and on windy days affords us much shelter, as does the barn.

The approach to our primary ranges is by a concrete road. This whole area is of hard standing and we position the targets on the backstops; this means that if we choose not to step on a single piece of mud then we don't have to - and that's pretty much what we choose!

This huge area allows for many angles of fire.

The long concrete approach road terminates at the parking area.  The base and primary ranges are literally a few paces away. 

We also have the use of many acres of fields to shoot over but we mainly stick to the barn area.

Practical Shotgun IPSC shooting

We meet twice monthly on average, please see our diary for forthcoming dates.

We set up multiple stages to run throughout our Sunday shoots.

We use Section 1 Shotguns. They are mainly semi automatic with magazine tubes that hold 8 or more cartridges.

Some use pump action with similar magazine capacity and some have semi automatic with 'box load,' / detachable magazines.

Section 1 Shotguns

Andy (X pistol champ) Haines performing a reload into his magazine
fed 12 gauge semi automatic shotgun


steel knock down plates 12 g shot gun

We mostly shoot 'steel' knock down plates, which is very rewarding and so much fun as there is no doubt that you have hit your target as you hear and see the steel plate fly off down the range!

shotgun targets

shotgun steel not clay

We design our shoots for Fun with a capital F, we shoot many stages, mainly starting with a fully loaded gun and whilst we negotiate many obstacles and sometimes a fair run, we never include kneeling or crawling if its wet, yes we are soft as some of our die hard friends call us.

Practical Shotgun shooting essex IPSC UKPSA

If you would like to know how you can join us, please see our 'join us' section.




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