Western Action Shooting

Western style shooting also known as Cowboy action shooting.


HPC Club members Andy Haines and Graham Baré Circa 1980

Harlow Practical Club have revived its Western Style shooting discipline after several members were reminiscing and newer members wanted to give this interesting shooting discipline a new look.

“Cowboy Action Shooting"  is a multifaceted amateur shooting sport in which contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West: single action revolvers; lever action rifles; and side by side double barrel shotguns, pre-1899 pump, or lever action shotguns.

The purpose of this discipline is to provide an avenue for HPC members to experience the Old West from the period of around 1860 - 1900  while instilling the concepts of gun safety and personal responsibility.

The HPC Western Style shooting discipline combines the opportunity to study and chat about the Old West with the fastest growing shooting sports discipline in the world – western action shooting

HPC Club members Andy Haines and Graham Baré
at an original HPC run Western Shooting Competition.


Andy & Graham, a little older and wiser setting the example at a recent HPC western shoot

As a Practical Club we are extremely well versed with Shotguns and the safety required. The western style we have adopted is with the use of 'Coach Guns' which fulfil a typical firearm, historically used in the old wild west, shot on IPSC short courses of fire which as a practical club we are also well versed on.

A typical Coach Gun

Shotguns should be any side-by-side shotgun typical of the era, such as a Coach Gun, HPC Course of fire allow Shotguns with or without extractors, automatic ejectors, external hammers, and single or double triggers may be used. Any lever action shotgun may also be used a typical Coach gun would have barrels of 12 to 16 inch and an overall length not less than 24 inch.

Competition involves a number of shooting scenarios know as “stages”. Targets are steel plates located 5-20 yards from the shooter. Typically a stage requires thought on the best way of shooting a given course of fire.

Using our standard practical steel plates and some unique targets such as the duelling tree and the Texas Star we aim to make Western shooting fast action and family orientated with BBQ and cheering which makes Cowboy Action Shooting one of the most interesting of all shooting sports for both spectator and contestant.

Shooters compete one at a time, against the clock. Matches are generally scored as “total time” adding miss penalties with lowest time winning. Shooters are timed using electronic timers which record the time for each stage.

 Participation in the HPC Western Style shooting discipline Include:

Graham Baré
Circa 1980

  • Preserving and gaining an appreciation for the heritage of the Old West in the time period of 1860-1900
  • Instilling an investigative interest in history leading to personal research and increased knowledge of the Old West and the Firearms used
  • Enhancing learning by participation in history through the use of historically accurate, firearms and accessories
  • Learning and applying the fundamentals of the safe handling of older firearms
  • Skill development in competition
  • Providing an enjoyable and action oriented shooting sports activity that attracts and retains HPC members and their families

HPC Western shooting.....






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