Mini Rifle

Mini Rifle was born around the time of the pistol ban in 1997.  It was Harlow Practical Club that invented MiniRifle and introduced it to the world.

MiniRifle Harlow Practical Club

The guns are mainly custom built Rifles fitted with red dot sights and lasers although any standard .22 Rifle is acceptable to use.

The cost of a .22 Rifle can range anywhere from 200 to 2,000 depending on how much customizing you have done. However five to six hundred pounds should get you up and running competitively.

Mini Rifle, like all practical shooting disciplines has a mandatory safety course, practical shooting maintains the highest level of safety of any existing shooting discipline.

Only on passing this course will a shooter be welcomed into the world of competition. Safe gun handling and full concentration are never understated. If you are 'Gung Ho', think you're the next best thing to Rambo or like to wear camouflage 'under-garments', then this is NOT the sport for you.

MiniRifle Safety Course



The target size is almost the size of an A4 sheet of paper

It is shot at from 50mts down to 10mts depending on the course of fire.

It would be all to easy to shoot straight A's, so in practical shooting you are also against the clock.

The score is divided by time taken. If you miss, it has a penalty of minus 10 points.

Normally, the highest two shots in each target count.

Mini Rifles have become in themselves quite spectacular.

Most people take great pride in the presentation of their guns and customize them, (sometimes in the most peculiar way).  You'll see all sorts, from highly polished stainless steel, through bright pink paint, even glitzy glitter, to innovative ideas like adding bars of soap to the stock to ease the gun onto the shoulder! You know who you are!!

Harlow Practical Shooting Club


Most competitive shooters will add red dot sites to their gun to gain quicker site acquisition.  Be assured, no matter what you have heard, they DO NOT guarantee that you hit the target.  Shooters that haven't used them take great delight in telling everyone just how idiot proof they are.  If you experience this, hand them your gun!

Mini Rifle technology is always growing It has to be appreciated that shooters will continue to add, take-away, modify and adjust their guns in order to gain the edge in proficiency. New inexperienced shooters should not be put off by lack of technical knowledge as all ideas are swapped, discussed and developed between us all.

The beauty of Mini Rifle is that of it's uniqueness in equality.  Neither sex, age nor physique has any bearing on winning or losing.  It's a game of gun-handling skill and mental agility.  In truth, mental agility should be at the forefront.








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