The Club

The Harlow Practical Club was formed in 1985. 

It has successfully adapted since the Pistol Ban in 1997, from a mainly pistol oriented club,  into a leader in various disciplines such as mini rifle.

The club is Home Office Approved and is also affiliated with the UKPSA and NRA.

The Harlow Practical Club prides it's self on a friendly atmosphere whilst ensuring a competitive edge.

Club members are from all walks of life and vary in age, nationality and sex.

Harlow Practical club boast to have amongst its members some of the top UK shooters. At least three represented Britain in world shooting competitions.

Amongst Harlow's members there is a wealth of knowledge, from gun related subjects to the most in-depth 'general knowledge' you could imagine, which proves very interesting when you are waiting your turn to shoot!!!

Since the initiation of the Mini Rifle Discipline, Harlow has raised the interest of competitive shooters by organizing & successfully running graded matches.

The success of Harlow Club relies heavily on the long hours & hard work that the club secretary puts in, closely backed by the active five who put many hours into making the club a success.  Harlow Club would welcome a few more members turning up, not only to shoot, but to join in with the work parties, and hey, it's a great social event too!!

A new member must expect to be scrutinized and trained through safety procedures, this is the most that is expected of them.

Mini Rifle HPC

A new shooter will only be permitted to shoot at the pace in which the range officer feels is within the capabilities of that individual shooter.

Top marks are awarded for gun safety, nobody cares if you hit the target! Guidance, tips & support are always at hand, after all, we all started with no knowledge and look where we ended up! (No sarcastic comments from anyone that knows us please!)

At the end of the day if you want to shoot for fun or competitively, we can truly say that Harlow Practical is the best club in town. (And we would swear this under oath)!













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