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St Nicholas Millennium 2000
1st & 2nd April 2000



Millennium 2000 comp............ An excellent family day out.


A Fantastic competition was hosted by St Nicholas RPC club at their splendid range in Chislehurst Kent. It was held over two days and saw no less than 60 entrants with the excellent, if not unusual, support of a Junior class, for those under the age of 16yrs. The Match Organiser should be applauded for taking the initiative in encouraging young shooters, and in doing so ensuring the continuation of the sport.  Good safe fun was had by all.


St Nick's 50mtr Range

St Nicholas RPC must be commended on their superb ranges and facilities.


Paul Robinson-Baker (middle, red cap)
1996 1500 Champion
Checks out the competition.


Nicholas Robinson-Baker

Could soon be joining the players.


Paul & Corey

Unusual but true.  Two young lads that would rather be out in the fresh air, shooting, than playing a 'boring computer game'.

Well........ they said it!


Daniel Izzard Takes 1st Place Juniors (13 yrs)
(32nd Overall)


Paul Reddington
Collects his trophy for 2nd Place in the Juniors (8 yrs)

(33rd Overall)


Michelle Lumley Top Lady and 1st In B Grade
(11th Overall)


Some Of The Crowd From Sunday

1st Overall   Phil Winnal 2nd Overall   John Reddington

The Juniors

1st Daniel Izzard 13 yrs
2nd Paul Reddington 8 yrs
3rd James Bird 15 yrs
4th  Daniel Bird
5th  Richard Winger
6th  Corey Smith 6 yrs

Thanks goes to Match Organiser John Reddington, and to both Freds for their support, in what was termed by all as a 'superb match' and 'lots of  fun.  We are all looking forward to the next one!!




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