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Mini Rifle Competition 11th November 2000

Loosely based on the Olympics


A  competition & a half was yet again dreamt up by the Harlow boys. The theme this time was loosely based on the recent Olympics. It was amazing how few managed to throw a  piece of plastic pipe, posing as a javelin, several feet before commencing shooting stage three.

The Innovation award  went to the Redford's for the introduction of the new belt driven clockwork Mags.


 Melvyn & Martin Redford (right) introduce Gary Dyer (left) to the clock work Magazine.

Mike Scarlett 
Putting the 'straight' wind up mag to the test.

 John Reddington

 Melvyn Redford

Unlike the real Olympics, nobody took drugs or went home with sprained ankles proving yet again that our sport of shooting is just Good Safe Fun. 

 Prize Giving

  Top Banana John Reddington 1st Place Overall 

Daniel Izzard Takes 1st Place Juniors (Left!)

All top Blokes...  Graham our illustrious match director is also a winner




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