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Meet the gang.....
 just some of Harlow Practical Club's members, starting with our Club Secretary accompanied by just some of his flock, that had no objections to having their mug shots taken!!



Graham, definitely the oldest amongst us, is Harlow's Club Secretary.

Hobbies other than shooting include Harley Davidson motor bikes and just to prove he's young at heart, Scalextric. It is either that or he is living proof that Scalextric is a far more dangerous sport than shooting!!

Although now officially a veteran shooter, he can still outrun and outshoot the youngest of competitors

Graham is approachable, fair, and thoughtful, he is a pillar of society and this follows through into the shooting fraternity. A "gentleman" of the shooting world. You can see from his picture that he is that "Father Figure", always able to offer constructive advice and guidance. 





I was born at a very early age, and since that time I have managed to live my life by strictly adhering to a few simple guidelines.

1/ Do unto others as they would do unto you, only do it first!

2/ WORK is a four letter word and should be avoided at all costs.

3/ The only good volunteer is somebody else!

4/ Mineís a Pint.

5/ Every man has the inalienable right to whinge as much as he wants.


This philosophy has led me to the point now, where despite my 21 year old appearance I have retired from the rat race and face a life of leisure ( No I am not independently wealthy Just incredibly lucky).

Wine, Women, Song and Women. Unfortunately I cannot sing, and am unable to get any women. Still at least I have the wine (Hic!).

The inexplicable such as. Why do Ruger 10/22ís work faultlessly for months and on the day of a comp jam at every opportunity?. Why is abbreviation such a long word?.

Custom cars, Kit Cars, CB radio, Computers, Radio controlled models (boats, cars and helicopters Now that sounds like a good name for a film), Practical Pistol, Mini-Rifle, and Motorcycling.

Building excellent props for competitions, and being a fussy git so that everything is just so.
Building crap props for competitions, and being a fussy git so that nothing ever gets finished.



Mike French  
Mike an avid shooter is possibly the most regular of us all, he hardly misses a meeting and shoots several times a week.

You only have to speak to Mike for five minutes before you start wondering how he has time for anything, He is a member of a photography, dog training and sailing clubs and always keeps himself busy.

Mike is the clubs biggest asset ..

he puts all the younger members to shame with the hard work he puts into the club.

He is also quite an ambassador for the club, making new members extremely welcome and answering all their questions without rush.

Never be fooled by his looks, he is a lot older and a great deal wiser than he leads you to believe!

Most memorable moment: Arriving on range to find a Boeing 747  constructed out of bits of wood and a mass of tarpaulins, complete with cockpit, seats & working emergency lights. Mike can certainly put a stage on second to none.


Corey J Smith

Never 'Bigs' himself up,
So we thought we would and publish his
most embarrassing photo!

Corey joined HPC and started shooting Mini Rifle at the age of 6 at the Marconi Rifle & Pistol club in 1999.

He joined the UKPSA and passed his Mini Rifle BASIC course October 2001 at age 8 with Graham Gill, and went on to compete in his first Mini Rifle UKPSA Graded Comp scoring 31.77%

At the age of 14 he really started to get his act together and started to win stages.

At 16 he had become '2009' Club champion and has remained unbeatable!

Aiming For Great Things

Corey was home educated and achieved a First Class Pass in Computerised Accounts


 both level 1 & level 2 at the age of 7 years and 8 years respectively.

At the age of 11 years he passed his first Open University Course.  Although he only studies part time with the O.U. he will soon achieve a  Bsc. (Hons) degree in Computing & Design.  ... though most of what he knows is self taught anyway.

He has had success in Voice Over work and as  a TV actor working alongside stars such as Robson Green, Ricky Gervais & Matt Lucas.  Productions he has been in include Little Britain, Waking The Dead, Murphy's Law, Extras, Eastenders, The Bill, Beaten (film), Thieves Like Us, and many other credited roles. including  countless radio and TV commercials. - He has done a great deal, its almost guaranteed that you would have heard him or seen him at some point on TV or radio!

BBC Production - Horrible Histories









Michelle Lumley

Steve Smith

Michelle, deeply offended by the governments pistol ban and their labeling of shooters. Forma British team member, having shot for the UK on a "tour" of Brazil. Seems to lack the dedication she once had in the days of pistol shooting, but still is able to turn a few heads, not only on the range! Although shooting "per-se" is more predominant of the "male" species, Michelle is "one of the lads"   

A man amongst men, a man of many parts, most of them fully functional if a little uncoordinated at times. Famous in Essex for being Lighting engineer at the Circus Tavern some time back (or should that be Infamous). And most definitely Infamous for being the one with the beard prancing about with an air guitar on Robot Wars  (we nearly disowned and expelled him from the club for that one).
Best features
His eagerness to set up the stages on a practice night, and the consummate ease with which he makes the coffee. He has a ready wit and always has an anecdote or a joke to tell, unfortunately his memory is completely fragmented and often has to rely on Michelle to correct his punch lines.
Worst features
Does sometimes tend to rant and rave (please donít mention B&Q or ask him directions) although; I think that mainly he is quite good-natured. Please also be very aware of his propensity for playing practical jokes. His pyro-maniacal tendencies have cast a grave shadow over the population of Essex for many a November the 5th, as I am sure that the local Fire Brigade will attest to.

























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