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1500 Shot with Underlever Rifles



Photos taken at one of Harlow's first 1500 evenings



Probably, one of the most difficult parts of shooting a 1500 course of fire is the loading.

This is part an parcel to the discipline and calls for great dexterity.

You would be amazed how difficult it is to load just 6 rounds into the gun without throwing half of them onto the floor!!

On the Beep, you shoot the 6 rounds previously loaded from a kneeling position

Load another 6 rounds and shoot
from the sitting position

Load a further 6 and shoot from the Left shoulder standing
Load the final 6 rounds and try to shoot them all off, preferably at the target before the time runs out!



Graham's Answer to a  FAST   Load
With this specially modified pipe lagging to hold & present the rounds perfectly, there is no need to fumble a round from the trouser pocket.

John demonstrates a Shoot 6, Load 6, Shoot 6 stage. All done with the greatest of ease from a standing position and shot from your Right shoulder.





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